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It is not uncommon for businesses to boost their online sales channel by 100% or more within a couple of months of starting a pay per click search engine campaign, with or without professional management. However, the aggressive management of a business’ search engine marketing can dramatically reduce the average cost per click (CPC) paid by the advertiser. More to the point, professional management can increase a business’ online sales while decreasing the total cost of the campaign.

There is a tendency for individual businesses and/or marketing departments to neglect their duties after just a couple of months when managing their Yahoo and Google accounts on their own. The immediate cost for laziness can be a drop in website sales due to lowered rankings. Worse yet, your company can also overspend by hundreds of dollars a month before they know it.

We have built an efficient, automated system that is able to manage this process using specialized software. We simplify and speed up the process of search engine marketing for you, keeping your costs under control by maintaining your campaign minute-by-minute, seven days a week. We do all of this for our clients for a fraction of what it would cost in internal employee time if you were to start up and manage this yourself. As our client, you will spend less time than you would otherwise on the whole effort including our fees; plus you will save valuable employee time by not having to maintain your campaign manually.

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