Professional, Strategic Paid Search Engine Management that Includes Custom, In-Depth Reporting and Dedicated Support  PPC Search Engine  Marketing 

Whether you need a search campaign built from scratch or help with your existing campaign, SmartSEM has existed for over 20 years to help businesses find the best search phrases, display them at the right time, in the right place and the lowest possible price.

This is all we do. Many businesses are surprised to find that help with paid search is all that they ever needed from a digital agency.

Eliminate the Headaches and Wasted Time of Managing AdWords and Bing Platforms in-house. Avoid the drama and high-cost of working with a full service Digital Agency.

What We Do

Congratulations! You found us. We are not easy to find. SmartSEM is the anti-agency digital ads marketer. We just care about results and can immediately increase your website sales while minimizing your campaign costs. For more than 20 years, SmartSEM has quietly helped hundreds of businesses increase their revenue though paid search marketing.

If you found this website, it was from a referral. We don't market ourselves like other agencies do, we don't upsell you on additional services that you don't need. Rather than focus on our own revenue growth, we focus our attention on yours.

SmartSEM saves you time, effort and money, all while increasing your bottom line revenues. The search engines are public media companies that are singularly focused on their own quarterly growth. Consider us the guardians between you and the search engines. We built a system from the ground up to manage paid search and we're different from any other agency you've ever heard of. You only get high level, veterans working on your behalf. We are also hyper-available to you.

Our Pricing

Unlike many digital agencies, we do not charge a percentage of your ad spend and we never get involved with pay for performance relationships. We charge a small monthly fee to manage and report on your campaign. We do not hold anyone to long term contracts, anyone working with us can cancel our services without prior notice. We work with all types of businesses but we have extensive experience with real estate, travel, resort & lodging, business services, brick and mortar retail, national franchises and home services.

Our priority is to keep you happy. Search marketing is great on it's own, but you will not be happy unless we are growing your business through this advertising medium. By just focusing on keeping you happy we are aligned with your long term goals.

Managed PPC Search

When we started this work in the year 2000, there was very little competition. Banner ads were the dominate form of digital advertising. It was a bit like the wild wild west and just a few of us were inventing PPC Search services on the fly. Marketers knew search engines were important but the idea of paying for placement was an unproven, new concept. It took years for traditional advertising agencies to figure out that Google and Overture (at the time) had unleashed the greatest mechanism to reach new customers in years. When Google went public in 2004 and had to disclose their financials to the public that immediately got everyone's attention. Our job got a little harder, but we had the early advantage.

Today there is heavy competition in this space; however there are still very few digital agencies that truly understand the medium. Echoes of that shady, wild wild west mentality still exist. Advertising agencies know the importance of PPC search, but they can't figure out how to manage it profitably, so they tend to put their lowest level staff in charge of it. The truth is that full service advertising agencies don't want to deal with PPC Search, but they know it works extremely well. They only want to manage search campaigns as part of a broad effort that includes a list of confusing 'black box' solutions that force their clients to spend way more money than necessary.

The dirty truth is that most businesses just need their paid search managed efficiently. They may need a one-time audit of their organic search effort and if social media is important to their customer base they need to manage social media internally. The majority of what digital agencies offer today is just excess 'bloat', that provides little to no value other than to keep theirlights on.

With proper execution, PPC (pay-per-click) search is one of the most effective marketing tools ever created. It is a results-oriented, customer driven, real-time marketing program that levels the playing field for small and mid-sized businesses.

For the majority of businesses today, paid search should be the primary marketing effort. For those locked into working with a full service digital agency this is still the case, but they are simply paying for so much more that they don't need.


Our Services


Search Marketing Services

SmartSEM has actively managed search marketing campaigns globally for 20 years. We began managing our clients’ search marketing campaigns in February 2002, the same month Google’s AdWords Service was launched.

SmartSEM primarily works with the two biggest search engine networks—Bing and Google. Due to our long running relationship with both search engines and collectively high spend we are able to give our clients an edge against their competitors.